Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Articles of Argument

All news paper articles can be arguments, each law passed in congress and every new movie deal that is made all have some form of argument related to them. An argument deals with opinions of others and the evidence presented by those people from past events. These past events allow others to present their argument about what will happen in the future. I believe that the following news paper articles are good representations of a forensic argument, a deliberative argument and an epideictic argument.
The news paper story of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation is a great example of a forensic argument. The article talks of Gonzales' past doings in the government and also reports of his lies of past events. To determine why he has resigned the article looks at the evidence of his career to re-create what can be known about the events that have already occurred. This is the definition of a forensic argument, to look at the actions of the past to determine the present.
President Bush will talk to veterans and convince them that the fight in Iraq is essential for the U.S. security and for the region. Bush is debating his points to the veterans in order to get their support for the future of the war and the white house. Many of the veterans do not have the same feelings towards the war as he does, this is most likely do to the past events that have occurred in Iraq. This is a great example of deliberative argument because it is an issue that deals with the future and the support of others. The president will base his speech on evidence and doing so will be using a deliberative argument.
In NYC a public school was opened to teach Arab and Arabic culture. Many in the community protest the school because they think that the school will become a radical Islam training ground. The school has no intention to create such a place just another multicultural school. The definition of an epideictic argument is an argument that is heard in a public setting. The fight and opinions of the protesters is a epideictic argument because it is taking place in public for anyone to hear. This protest is a remark about society and blaming the school system.

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Thomas Jefferson Jarrell said...

With your first article, I do agree that it looks at his past to determine why he has resigned, though it could also be seen as a deliberative argument. It takes the past facts and the current situation to look at the possible future political battle to replace him.

I also used the "Bush patience" article and picked it for the same reasons. It does indeed deal with our future in relation to Iraq.

You also picked an excellent example for an epideictic argument. It raises questions about the present situation and such issues as racism here in the United States.